About Us

BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology) is an innovative company specialized in manufacturing sorting machinery for the food and non-food industry.

BEST specializes in manufacturing sorting machinery

Thanks to a wide range of technologies (laser, camera, FLUO™, LED, x-ray, … or a combination of them), BEST is able to resolve any sorting challenge.

The sorting technologies remove unwanted substances from a stream of good products, based on differences in color and structure. The sorters detect foreign material, as well as defects and make sure only the good product continues in the production line.

BEST is the market leader and inventor of the laser- and free fall technology. We invent the latest sorting technologies in order to cover the needs in all the steps of the production line, from the beginning till the packed product.

The company is active in more than 40 countries and has a worldwide network of local agents. Since the foundation in 1996, BEST has been growing tremendously thanks to the reliability of its technologies. During this growth, BEST continuously invested in people to ensure good service to its customers in the long term.

In 2012 BEST was acquired by TOMRA and is now part of the TOMRA Sorting Solutions Group. BEST complements the TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ portfolio by adding leading sorting technologies, including those based on lasers. BEST, in turn, now has access to all TOMRA Sorting Solutions sensor technologies.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions now has more than 6,500 machines installed in the food market worldwide. As the leading experts in R&D, the continuous development of state-of-the-art systems and customized solutions is guaranteed. For more information please also visit www.tomrasorting.com