BEST is dedicated to a philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of company performance. Our objective is total customer satisfaction, through quality throughout the company.

Quality of our machines

The assembly of mechanical, optical and electronic components is done by well trained and experienced engineers. The BEST quality is guaranteed in the production process through regular quality checks in every part of the process and constant feedback of our field engineers. All our engineers are required to maintain a high level of field experience, as an essential ingredient to guarantee a customer-oriented problem-solving attitude.
Our machines are trusted everywhere and, by listening to our clients, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most successful sorting companies.

Quality of your product

We are oriented around the quality of your product. If your product meets the high standards of your customers’ expectations, then we have done our job right. We keep investing in new developments and technologies and keep on searching for new application areas and possible improvements to the machines. In a competitive landscape, we can rely on the outstanding performance of our sorters. This means that we support you in meeting the high expectations of your customers.