Helius™-P, laser sorter

  • Especially designed for processors with free-flowing dry products such as seeds, rice, nuts, coffee, dehydrated fruit and vegetables…
  • Compact to fit everywhere : with its unique infeed hopper, the sorter has a compact footprint requiring a minimum of space.
  • Processors can synchronize the sorter with their flow rate by adjusting the infeed rate
  • Extreme high efficient ejection system with the RES
  • Detects on color, structure, shape, FLUO and biological characteristics
  • Compact and easy to install thanks to its free-fall principle
  • Accurate detection with up to 12 laser signals, double side inspection
  • For every production capacity : available in 640 mm (25″), 1200 mm (48″)
  • Operator friendly with touchscreen and graphical user interface
  • Superior reliability over any software driven system : data are processed by hardware digital processing.


Helius™-P working principles