SWIR, sorting based on water content

SWIR, an acronym for shortwave infrared, is a range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum currently used in a variety of applications, from military to medical, such as laser detection and tracking on the battlefield and identifying precursors to cancer development.

A major characteristic of SWIR energy is how it is absorbed by water-based products whereas other materials may reflect it, creating a large contrast between the two materials. This phenomenon is very effective in the sorting of fruits and vegetables. With SWIR optical technology we can greatly enhance our sorting efficiency in these applications.

Through extensive research we have developed the optimum wavelength for this application. Now with SWIR technology, the water based products such as frozen fruit and vegetables absorb the light whereas difficult defects such as wood and plastic reflect it.

By combining several wavelengths with SWIR, contaminations (glass, cardboard, metal…) are detected and rejected from the good product providing optimum sorting efficiency, with extremely low false reject.