Detection on density

For a final inspection on your product in the snack food or fruit and vegetables industry, we have the possibility to use one of our X-ray systems.

These systems can be used on all different packed products. For example fruit and vegetables in glass jars or metal cans, different nuts, snacks or others in bags (Alu or Plastic) or bulk products like pits in stones fruits are some of our applications where we use the X-ray technology. With this technology we can look thought different packages and detect the defects base on density difference. Metal (Ferro and non-Ferro), glass and stones are the most important foreign bodies that can be detected in different applications.

After successful implementation of the Ixus Bulk sorter in the detection of pits in cherries, BEST offers the same solution on olives. The results of taking out pitted olives (green and black) are close to perfection, with very limited false reject.

In other markets we can use X-ray units if there’s a contrast in density, but also fill levels can be checked, missing objects counted and automatically removed. These highest performance systems will detect the smallest defect and insure that you will have the lowest potential claim to you customers on foreign matters.